Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Our Top Ten Articles for Brexit

There has certainly been a lot of noise in this debate and one complaint we hear often from voters is the lack of facts and information - from all sides.

However, amongst all the chatter there have been some standout arguments, and a few fantastic speeches, so here is our Top Ten. Let us know what you think we have left out.

If you are still undecided, please follow any of the links below and see if that helps you make up your mind.

1. Brexit: the (animated) Movie

A brilliant, short and instructive animation clearly explaining how trade, tariffs and security work within the EU.

2. Passporting, Equivalence and The City's Access to Europe Post-Brexit

This is our most read post. In brief, MIFID2 introduces a new regulation designed to allow financial institutions outside the EU to have access to the EU market. It will apply to the UK too. Simple.

3. Brexit: The Movie

When we are standing at train stations and high streets handing out leaflets, this is the flyer that gets most interest. At over an hour long, you may not have time to watch it all before you vote tomorrow, but we have highlighted a few of our favourite sections here.

4. Daniel Hannan MEP at the Oxford Union

Dan Hannan is possibly the best orator in the country at the moment and has been one of the most effective speakers for Vote Leave. Here he presents his case for leaving at the Oxford Union.
"'I am supporting the EU because I like Europe' is like saying 'I support FIFA because I like football'"

5. Charlotte Leslie (MP)'s Vote Leave announcement

One of the most reasoned and level-headed explanations of voting intention you'll read.
"Personally, I cannot see the European Project, whose express aim is to further homogenise the very different nations of Europe into an ever closer political union, as anything but a fantasy, and as such, dangerous. 
Therefore, however much I appreciate and understand the risks and challenges of voting ‘leave’, I find myself completely unable mandate this madness."

6. Why I am voting to Leave the EU by Calvin Robinson 

School teacher Calvin Robinson expertly tackles the sensitive issue of immigration and infrastructure.

7. Field Marshal Lord Guthrie: Why I now back the Leave campaign

It's not everyone's top concern, but security does come up when we are campaigning. Here Field Marshal Lord Guthrie explains why European security depends upon NATO and how plans for a European Army would destabilise the region.

8. Why the EU Is Like a Terrible Night Club

Gerard Lyons, a member of Economists for Brexit, sets out a useful analogy for understanding why some people want to remain and explains why they should vote leave without fear.

9. Brexit: Facts not Fear

Toby Young of The Spectator delves into Cameron's failed renegotiation, the myth of the UK's influence and the global opportunities we are being forced to pass up.

And for good measure, here is The Spectator's explanation of why they supported Leave in 1975 and do so again today.

10. The EU is a mirage

If politics and democracy is your thing, you might find this post interesting. Chris Bickerton (a lecturer in politics at the University of Cambridge) post explores the way the EU works in theory and in practice.
"Rather than deriving their power internally, from their own subjects, governments of [EU] member states derive their power from sources externally, in particular from relations forged with other governments and international organisations.'

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