Sunday, May 29, 2016

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Brexit Could Create 200,000 Financial Jobs

Bloomberg 23 May 2016

Britain could add 25 billion pounds ($36 billion) to London’s economic output and create more than 200,000 jobs in financial services by 2020 if voters choose to leave the European Union, according to campaigners.

The 28 nation trading bloc hurts economic growth in the City of London and is preparing tougher rules to undermine the capital’s position as the top global business hub in Europe, Steven Woolfe, the U.K. Independence Party’s financial affairs spokesman, and Conservative party lawmaker John Redwood said in speeches on Monday, according to a statement.

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Voting to Remain is the biggest gamble we can take with our future

In my job as a private client Wealth Manager, I am often asked at the dinner table what the difference between ‘gambling’ and ‘investing’ is? The answer for me has always been clear. Gambling is allocating money to something based on chance, where the lure of a big reward outweighs the fact you have no control over the outcome. It is also debatable whether society benefits in any way from gambling. Investing, on the other hand, is something where one can make an informed decision about allocating your capital to those that need it, and is often taken in the context of many other informed decisions which helps control the overall range of outcomes. With investing, there is almost always a clear benefit to society, whether it is job creation, tax creation, widget creation, wealth creation….I could go on.

Similarly, the In/Out Referendum is one that presents me with a clear choice between an investment and a gamble.

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

The City's Increased Influence Outside the EU

Though opinions differed at the time, few would now disagree that Britain's decision in 1999 to stay out of the Euro was the right choice. Furthermore, with the Eurozone crisis still in full swing some seven years on, for Britain to join now is rightly seen as political and economic folly and is to all intents and purposes off the table.

Still, the core of the EU is the Eurozone, and any financial reform and integration will naturally focus on the interests of this bloc. Currently 19 out of 28 EU countries use the Euro, with a further seven obliged to join after the convergence criteria are met. By population this is 66% of the EU now and will be 85% after the other seven have joined. The UK represents 13% the remaining 15% and so is vastly outnumbered under the Qualified Majority Voting mechanism of the Council of the EU. The Eurozone has a permanent majority.

Hammersmith Rally on Tue 31 May

Vote Leave is holding a rally at Hammersmith Town Hall on Tuesday 31st May, 7pm.

Headline speakers include Daniel Hannan MEP, Lord Owen, Douglas Carswell MP and Graham Stringer MP.

You can sign up for it here.

Friday, May 6, 2016

The Debate Continues - Tuesday 10th May at LCC

5:30 pm, Tuesday 10th May, London Capital Club, Tavern Bar

With just 44 days left to go, the London Capital Club will be hosting another in their series of debates.

Guest Speakers from Britain Stronger In and Vote Leave will be debating the issues that matter to those who live and work in the City.