Friday, April 29, 2016

100+ City Bosses Declare Support for Vote Leave

A group of prominent city leaders have joined together to voice their support for Vote Leave on June 23rd.

In a letter signed by more than a hundred signatories, including Peter Cruddas, Michael Geoghegan, Luke Johnson, Peter Hargreaves, Moorad Choudhry and Paul Marshall, the group argues that the City would:

  • prosper outside the EU,
  • strengthen its lead as the world's largest international financial centre, and
  • continue to make a major contribution to the UK economy and employment

without the threat the EU poses to our financial services industry.

The Letter reads:

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

The UK Referendum: An Easy Guide to Leaving the EU by Dr Gerard Lyons

Dr Gerard Lyons, economic advisor to Boris Johnson, has just published an eBook entitled "The UK Referendum: an Easy Guide to Leaving the EU".

It's a quick read that sets out a comprehensive framework for any debate you might have with friends or family about the referendum. You'll soon find yourself making copious notes and running all over the internet to dig deeper into the topics and challenges Dr Lyons lays out.

Well worth downloading.

Monday, April 25, 2016

"Gang of Eight" leading economists in favour of Brexit

Leading economists have launched a pro-Brexit group, arguing that Britain will be economically better off it votes to leave the European Union.
The eight analysts, led by Margaret Thatcher’s adviser Patrick Minford, said that they planned to counter the “hyperbole, misguided speculation and economic illiteracy of the Project Fear campaign”. 
They argue that a vote to leave would result in prices falling by 8 per cent, export competitiveness jumping 5 per cent, 4 per cent growth in GDP and unemployment falling by another 75,000 over the next five years.

This contrasts strongly to the Treasury's 200 page report last week, which the Gang of Eight criticise for overlooking what they see as the main element of the case for leaving - the abolition of the common external trade policy.

Join the Debate at The Great British Break Off Tuesday 26th April

5:30 pm, Tuesday 26th April, London Capital Club, Tavern Bar

Guest Speakers from the remain and leave sides including Graham Bishop, EU Consultant on  EU Integration: Political, Financial, Economic and Budgetary. Stewart Paterson, Asian Equity Fund Manager.

Risk and Reward - Why the UK is always swimming against the EU tide

Benjamin Wrench is a barrister who has specialised in financial services regulation since 1997. You may know him as the author of "Risk and Reward - Why the EU Separates Risk from Reward and What this Means for The City".

If you don't have the time to read the whole publication, you can find a neat summary of the key points in this CityAM post.

Thursday, April 21, 2016

The City's Good News Post Brexit

Following a vote for Brexit, we will see a more competitive City, freed from the burden of excessive over-regulation, open to the world for business, thriving as it develops global markets, able to better compete with New York, Hong Kong, Singapore and Tokyo.

We list below some of the key questions for The City.

Sixty-two days to go!

With just 62 days to go until the EU Referendum, we have launched this blog to provide and collate information particularly relevant to those who live and work in the City of London.

We'll be publishing a list of debates and events, as well as thought-pieces on some of the more common concerns expressed by workers in the financial services industry.

We believe that the interests of The City will be best served by a relationship based on free trade and friendly cooperation and that the City will prosper following a Vote Leave.