Sunday, May 29, 2016

Why the City Can Vote Leave with Confidence

Here are our four top reasons to Vote Leave for people that work in the City.

Vote Leave if you... value market growth

The EU stops us signing our own trade deals. If we Vote Leave, we can trade with the world more competitively, participate more effectively in expanding markets (such as China, India and the US), and retain access to Europe.

FACT: Over 67% of our City exports are already outside the Eurozone – which is stagnating economically.

Vote Leave if you... value control

EU law overrules UK law. If we take back control we can repeal, revise and avoid regulation that is damaging the City and making us less competitive.

FACT: The UK has been outvoted every single time it has voted against EU laws, and this loss of control is accelerating: it’s happened 40 times since David Cameron became Prime Minister.

Vote Leave if you... value security

Job opportunities will grow. Trust in your talent, knowledge and expertise – we will be even better if we are able to hire selectively from all countries in the world.

FACT: Other continental centres have higher corporate and personal tax rates and lack the depth of support services – which is why 90% of EU-US investment banking sta  are employed here.

Vote Leave – it’s the safer option

The status quo is not on the table. A vote to stay in the EU is still a vote for change. It’s a vote for further EU integration, more restrictive markets, and more complexity.

FACT: The Five Presidents’ Report (June 2015) clearly sets out a commitment to accelerated EU integration, and to pushing through further legislation likely to a ect the City of London.

Download our info-sheet here: The City's Four Reasons To Vote Leave

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