Friday, April 29, 2016

100+ City Bosses Declare Support for Vote Leave

A group of prominent city leaders have joined together to voice their support for Vote Leave on June 23rd.

In a letter signed by more than a hundred signatories, including Peter Cruddas, Michael Geoghegan, Luke Johnson, Peter Hargreaves, Moorad Choudhry and Paul Marshall, the group argues that the City would:

  • prosper outside the EU,
  • strengthen its lead as the world's largest international financial centre, and
  • continue to make a major contribution to the UK economy and employment

without the threat the EU poses to our financial services industry.

The Letter reads:

Dear Sir,

We write - in our personal capacities - as individuals active in the City of London and UK financial services who share a strong personal commitment to the world’s most vibrant financial centre, and a material interest in its future success. We firmly believe that it can thrive and grow outside the European Union.

As we contemplate the upcoming referendum on UK membership of the EU, we remember that the EU had honourable origins - to heal the wounds of post war Europe, to enable free trade to return the Continent to prosperity. In 1975 there were persuasive reasons for the United Kingdom to join the European Economic Community, and we believe membership was for many years a positive for the UK and the City.

However, we do not believe that the same case can be made for continued membership in 2016.

The EU is now shackled to the Euro, a project doing damage to the social and economic fabric of member countries, including high youth unemployment. Many of us worry that the Eurozone’s problems may prove insurmountable.

Meanwhile there is scant evidence that the EU will foster or support the kind of innovation which is essential if Europeans are to compete with the rest of the world. Specifically, we worry that the EU’s approach to regulation now poses a genuine threat to our financial services industry and to the competitiveness of the City of London.

Assuming good political leadership and an effective regulatory environment, we believe that the City is most likely to strengthen its lead as the world's largest international financial centre, and continue to make a major contribution to the UK economy and employment, outside the EU but with continued access to its capital markets.

We will therefore be supporting the Vote Leave campaign and encouraging others to join us.

Yours faithfully,

Dominic Burke, Group Chief Executive, Jardine Lloyd Thompson PLC

Moorad Choudhry, former Chief Executive, Habib Bank AG Zurich, London

Peter Cruddas, Chief Executive, CMC Markets PLC

Michael Geoghegan, Former Group CEO HSBC Holdings PLC

Peter Hargreaves, Hargreaves Lansdown PLC

Robert Hiscox, Life President, Hiscox Group

Luke Johnson, Risk Capital Partners LLP

Paul Marshall, Chairman and Chief Investment Officer, Marshall Wace LLP

Jon Moulton, Founder and Managing Partner, Better Capital LLP

Crispin Odey, Founding Partner, Odey Asset Management LLP

Kevin Pakenham, Co-founder, Pakenham Partners Ltd

Sir Brian Williamson, Former Chairman, LIFFE

Brian Winterflood, Winterflood Securities

Full list of signatories:

  • Mr Christopher Aldous
  • Mr Andrew Allum
  • Mr David Anderson
  • Robin Archibald
  • Mr Iain Baillie
  • Mr John Barkshire CBE
  • Mr Andrew Barnie
  • Mr Andrew Beeson
  • Mr Nic Bentley
  • Mr Gilbert Bland
  • Mr Richard Boggis-Rolfe
  • Mr Roger Bootle
  • Simon Brewer
  • Mr John Bridges
  • Mr David Buik
  • Mr Dominic Burke
  • Mr Mark Cannon Brookes
  • Mr Julian Cazalet
  • Lord Charles Cecil
  • Mr Peter Chesterfield
  • Professor Moorad Choudhry
  • Mr Andrew Clowes
  • Mr Alegeron Cluff
  • Mr Edward Collins
  • Professor Tim Congdon CBE
  • Mr David Cooper
  • Mr Kevin Cooper
  • Mr Danny Corrigan
  • Dr Peter Cruddas
  • Mr Ben Davies
  • Deputy Alexander Deane
  • Mr William Drake
  • Mr Michael Faber
  • Lord Flight
  • Ms Haruko Fukuda OBE
  • Mr Rupert Gather
  • Mr Michael Geoghegan
  • Mr Richard Gilbert
  • Mr Campbell Gordon
  • Mr Roddy Graham
  • Mr Tim Guinness
  • Mr Rupert Hambro CBE
  • Ms Melanie Hampton
  • Mr Peter Hargreaves CBE
  • Mr Robert Hiscox
  • Mr Michael Hodges
  • Mr Daniel Hodson
  • Mr Sean Howlett
  • Mr Kevin Hughes
  • Mr David Hunter
  • Mr Graham Hutton
  • Mr Charles Inions
  • Mr Adrian Johnson
  • Mr Luke Johnson
  • Mr Nicholas Kirk
  • Mr Michael Langdon
  • Dr Ruth Lea CBE
  • Mr Jonathan Little
  • Mr Paul Marshall
  • Mark Martyrossian
  • Mr John May
  • Mr Steven McKeane
  • Mr Mark McLornan
  • Mr Edgar Miller
  • Mr Christopher Mills
  • Philip Milton
  • Mr Luke Morris
  • Mr Jon Moulton
  • Mr Garth Mulholland
  • Mr Paul Munday
  • Mr Andrew Murison
  • The Lord Grantley
  • Mr John O'Brien
  • Mr Crispin Odey
  • Mr Kevin Pakenham
  • Mr Robin Woodbine Parish
  • Tim Parker
  • Mr Stewart Paterson
  • Mr Richard Patient
  • Mr Simon Pearson-Miles
  • Mr Algernon Percy
  • Mr Michael Petley
  • Mr David Potter
  • Mr David Pusinelli
  • Mr Neil Record
  • Mr David Reid Scott
  • Mr Richard Royden
  • Mr Charles Russam
  • Mr John Sanders
  • Mr Savvas Savouri
  • Mr David Shipley
  • Mr Christian Siegl
  • Cllr David Sismey
  • Mr Hugh Sloane
  • Mr Andrew Smith
  • Mr Michael Stoddart
  • Mr Rhoddy Swire
  • Clive Thorne
  • The Viscount Trenchard
  • Mr Edmund Truell
  • Mr Peter Udale
  • Mr Ian van Stratum
  • Nigel Webber
  • Mr Adam Wethered
  • Mr Mark Wheatley CC
  • Mr Jack Wigglesworth
  • Sir Brian Williamson CBE
  • Mr John Winter
  • Mr Brian Winterflood

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